NETWORK MONITORING – Keeping an Eye on your IT Network

Where an Information Technology infrastructure is concerned, we at National Tech Support know two things of great importance and truth based upon our extensive experience:
Problems with servers and local area networks (etc.) are better avoided than fixed.
When problems do arise, they are better automatically detected rather than reported in terms of the impact they’re having.

We offer a comprehensive package called System Support, something that is essentially aimed at delivering on the above two foundation stones of wisdom.

What does that mean?  It’s simple!.

Firstly, we will put into place technical computer support – something that means your systems are expertly maintained and serviced.  In many cases, proactive maintenance is essential if problems are to be prevented. Just like maintenance on an automobile, regular computer support and system health checks should help keep your infrastructure in the best possible running condition.

Secondly, our IT support staff will run a number of automatic monitoring systems that will constantly review the performance of your devices and network, immediately spotting any glitches that may arise.

That means our Helpdesk and technical support experts will be able to quickly move into diagnostic and resolution mode, looking to fix a problem in many situations before our customers have even noticed that they have an issue.

These things are important because today many businesses are virtually entirely reliant upon their Information Technology. If you lose your systems, even for as little as a few minutes, the resulting impact on your business can be serious or even catastrophic.

That’s why we would highly recommend that you spend a few minutes speaking to us about the advantages of our Monitor Care package.

It may be something that significantly reduces your business risk profile – and which allows you to sleep a little more easily at night!

Features of Network Monitoring

  • 24x7x365 Network, Server, & Desktop Monitoring, Auditing, and Alerting
  • 24x7x365 Client notification on critical alerts (if required)
  • Event & Error Log Monitoring
  • Drive Space, Memory & Utilization Monitoring
  • Exchange & SQL Database Monitoring
  • Monitoring of other services & performance monitors
  • Hardware Asset Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Software License Management
  • Yearly Asset and License Report & Review