Cloud Machines

Cloud Machines (CM) is a highly scalable elastic public cloud infrastructure offering the same high-availability, performance and ease-of-management as Virtual Servers, but providing a utility-style billing model ideally suited to situations where server usage requirements are short-term or highly dynamic.

  • Increase uptime of workloads
  • Accessible over internet
  • Pay-per-hour fee
  • Plans for volume discounts


  • Secure provisioning and management portal – Ultra Serve's secure, self-service management portal makes it simple to add a new cloud machine. Once you have a Virtual Data Centre (VDC), you can add cloud machines with a quick mouse drag. Furthermore, you have your choice of hardware, software and network options
  • Expansive OS choice – Cloud Servers support a wide range of operating systems including Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu
  • Scale to meet demand – Ultra Serve CM is purpose-built for speed and flexibility. In minutes, you can have a new CM running and handling requests. You do not even have to be an engineer to do it; it's as easy as drag-and-drop. Now, you can scale in real time without having to maintain under-utilised resources
  • Self-healing platform - All VMs are delivered on our self-healing enterprise-class platform providing you with built-in resiliency for single or clustered VM instances
  • Network segmentation and control - Virtual Data Centres (VDC) are the containers for your Cloud Machines. Each houses a public cloud, a private cloud and a set of load balancers. The separation between the public and private clouds offers a tiered architecture for security and application segregation.


  • Reliable and Reliable: Self-healing, multiple hardware and network redundancy levels.
  • High-performance: Your customers' Cloud Servers benefit from optimised VMware platform, high-performance domestic network, and a converged storage network, delivering performance second-to-none
  • Easy: Ultra Serve's management tools make it easy to deploy, manage and configure Cloud Server infrastructure for your customers in real-time.