National Tech Support’s Total Support System gives you unlimited support for all your users and systems. Our unique and powerful suite of management systems means that we can deliver virtually instant support to your staff through a range of support services delivered from our National Operations Centre (NOC).
Under the Total Support System, all your network support is covered under the one flat monthly fee.

Phone Support

National Tech Support staff are available for your users to call for support under our Total Support System. If they are able to assist your users over the phone, they are only too happy to do so. If however, the issue is a little more difficult, it is likely that our support staff will employ other means.

Remote Desktop Sharing

Our remote desktop sharing system allows us to connect to your user’s computers and share control of the pc with them. This is very useful in demonstrating issues to our support staff. When our support staff start sharing your computer with the user, he or she is prompted that they are about to be monitored by our staff in advance. Control of the system can be shared by both the user and the support technician. This means that our staff are not required to travel to your site to view or even resolve your issue. They can usually fix it there and then, remotely.

Background Management

One key feature of our Total Support System is that in order to perform maintenance functions and monitoring of your computer systems, we do NOT have to be in front of them or even remotely controlling them. Many functions we can perform “in the background” and thus not disturb your staff’s work.

Vendor Management

Don’t live with the frustration of trying to deal with manufacturers or vendors in the case of warranty repair or physical failure. Our National Operations Centre will handle all of these issues on your behalf.

On-Site Support

The vast majority of work that we do for our clients is satisfactorily completed by remote management and support. Once equipment has been installed onsite we rarely have to go back onsite to merely perform maintenance tasks. While support fees for onsite visits do apply, you will find that our team of support specialists both remote and onsite will be prompt and professional in resolving any of your networking issues.

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