Quite possibly our most popular cost-saving Service. We manage all of your Vendor relationships, freeing you to focus on running your business. Whether it's an equipment, phone or network problem, we'll manage the issue to resolution. So now all the following services can be handled by National Tech Support on your behalf:
Telephone Companies
Internet Service Provider
Eftpos System
MYOB/Quickbooks Software
Line-of-Business Applications
Telephone Handset Systems
Website and Hosting Services
That’s right! All of your technical issues can be handled through the one point of contact so you can get on with the business of your business rather than dealing with technical problems and vendors!

How does it work?

When we start looking after you, we will collect from you your vendor list. We will then assist you to contact all these providers and notify them that National Tech Support now acts on your behalf. Now if you have a problem of a technical nature in ANY of these areas, you contact US! We then liaise with the appropriate company or companies and work with them to resolve your issue.

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