While we have done a lot of work to price our Total Support System competitively and our clients that have used the Total Support System are seeing the benefits of it, we do understand that there are some businesses that would rather pay by the hour for support. Our “System Support” gives you all the benefits of the “Total Support System” when it comes to the monitoring and accessibility of our support staff to your network. By Paying a minimal monthly fee per pc and the prepayment of a block of hours, we can then provide your business with same support our Total Support System clients receive. When issues arise you simply pay for the time spent by our staff to resolve those issues from your credited hours with us.

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  • Real Benefits for You +

    National Tech Support believes in proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance. We work towards making your systems work optimally. It sets Read More
  • How the System Works +

    When National Tech Support engages with you, the first step is to assess the network, perform improvements and create network Read More
  • What's Covered +

    The following table lists all the services that are included in the Total Support Package General Document software and hardware Read More
  • Flat Rate Support +

    National Tech Support’s Total Support System gives you unlimited support for all your users and systems. Our unique and powerful Read More
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